File: system\reflection\bindingflags.cs
Project: ndp\clr\src\bcl\mscorlib.csproj (mscorlib)
// ==++==
//   Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
// ==--==
// BindingFlags are a set of flags that control the binding and invocation process
//    in Reflection.  There are two processes.  The first is selection of a Member which
//    is the binding phase.  The second, is invocation.  These flags control how this
//    process works.
// <EMAIL>Author: darylo</EMAIL>
// Date: June 99
namespace System.Reflection {
    using System;
    public enum BindingFlags
        // NOTES: We have lookup masks defined in RuntimeType and Activator.  If we
        //    change the lookup values then these masks may need to change also.
        // a place holder for no flag specifed
        Default             = 0x00,        
        // These flags indicate what to search for when binding
        IgnoreCase          = 0x01,        // Ignore the case of Names while searching
        DeclaredOnly        = 0x02,        // Only look at the members declared on the Type
        Instance            = 0x04,        // Include Instance members in search
        Static              = 0x08,        // Include Static members in search
        Public              = 0x10,        // Include Public members in search
        NonPublic           = 0x20,        // Include Non-Public members in search
        FlattenHierarchy    = 0x40,        // Rollup the statics into the class.
        // These flags are used by InvokeMember to determine
        // what type of member we are trying to Invoke.
        // BindingAccess = 0xFF00;
        InvokeMethod        = 0x0100,
        CreateInstance      = 0x0200,
        GetField            = 0x0400,
        SetField            = 0x0800,
        GetProperty         = 0x1000,
        SetProperty         = 0x2000,
        // These flags are also used by InvokeMember but they should only
        // be used when calling InvokeMember on a COM object.
        PutDispProperty     = 0x4000,
        PutRefDispProperty  = 0x8000,
        ExactBinding        = 0x010000,        // Bind with Exact Type matching, No Change type
        SuppressChangeType  = 0x020000,
        // DefaultValueBinding will return the set of methods having ArgCount or 
        //    more parameters.  This is used for default values, etc.
        OptionalParamBinding        = 0x040000,
        // These are a couple of misc attributes used
        IgnoreReturn        = 0x01000000,    // This is used in COM Interop