3 instantiations of Currency
mscorlib (3)
system\currency.cs (1)
37return new Currency(cy, 0);
system\decimal.cs (2)
243return new Currency(value).ToOACurrency(); 876Currency result = new Currency ();
10 references to Currency
mscorlib (10)
system\currency.cs (3)
36public static Currency FromOACurrency(long cy){ 51public static Decimal ToDecimal(Currency c) 61private static extern void FCallToDecimal(ref Decimal result,Currency c);
system\decimal.cs (7)
231internal Decimal(Currency value) { 232Decimal temp = Currency.ToDecimal(value); 248return Currency.ToDecimal(Currency.FromOACurrency(cy)); 874internal static Currency ToCurrency(Decimal d) 876Currency result = new Currency (); 884private static extern void FCallToCurrency(ref Currency result, Decimal d);