1 implementation of IStream
WindowsBase (1)
Base\MS\Internal\IO\Packaging\CompoundFile\NativeCompoundFileAPIs.cs (1)
651private class SafeIStreamImplementation : IStream, IDisposable
31 references to IStream
WindowsBase (31)
Base\MS\Internal\IO\Packaging\CompoundFile\CFStream.cs (2)
313IStream underlyingStream, 359IStream _safeIStream;
Base\MS\Internal\IO\Packaging\CompoundFile\InternalSafeNativeCompoundFileInterfaces.cs (4)
41out IStream ppstm ); 48out IStream ppstm ); 122void CopyTo(IStream pstm, long cb, out long pcbRead, out long pcbWritten); 128void Clone(out IStream ppstm);
Base\MS\Internal\IO\Packaging\CompoundFile\NativeCompoundFileAPIs.cs (15)
308out IStream ppstm ) 339out IStream ppstm ) 686void IStream.Read(Byte[] pv, int cb, out int pcbRead) 698void IStream.Write(Byte[] pv, int cb, out int pcbWritten) 712void IStream.Seek(long dlibMove, int dwOrigin, out long plibNewPosition) 729void IStream.SetSize(long libNewSize) 741void IStream.CopyTo(IStream pstm, long cb, out long pcbRead, out long pcbWritten) 755void IStream.Commit(int grfCommitFlags) 762void IStream.Revert() 769void IStream.LockRegion(long libOffset, long cb, int dwLockType) 785void IStream.UnlockRegion(long libOffset, long cb, int dwLockType) 801void IStream.Stat(out System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.STATSTG pstatstg, int grfStatFlag) 808void IStream.Clone(out IStream ppstm)
Base\System\IO\Packaging\CompoundFile\StreamInfo.cs (10)
49IStream s ) 66internal IStream safeIStream; 265IStream openedIStream = null; 460IStream createdSafeIStream = null; 565IStream underlyingIStream, 606IStream CreateStreamOnParentIStorage( 610IStream createdStream = null; 649IStream OpenStreamOnParentIStorage( 653IStream openedStream = null; 750IStream cloneStream = null;