File: net\System\Net\_HeaderInfo.cs
Project: ndp\fx\src\System.csproj (System)
// <copyright file="_HeaderInfo.cs" company="Microsoft">
//     Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
// </copyright>
namespace System.Net {
    internal delegate string[] HeaderParser(string value);
    internal class HeaderInfo {
        internal readonly bool IsRequestRestricted;
        internal readonly bool IsResponseRestricted;
        internal readonly HeaderParser Parser;
        // Note that the HeaderName field is not always valid, and should not
        // be used after initialization. In particular, the HeaderInfo returned
        // for an unknown header will not have the correct header name.
        internal readonly string HeaderName;
        internal readonly bool AllowMultiValues;
        internal HeaderInfo(string name, bool requestRestricted, bool responseRestricted, bool multi, HeaderParser p) {
            HeaderName = name;
            IsRequestRestricted = requestRestricted;
            IsResponseRestricted = responseRestricted;
            Parser = p;
            AllowMultiValues = multi;
} // namespace System.Net