File: System\Xml\Core\EntityHandling.cs
Project: ndp\fx\src\Xml\System.Xml.csproj (System.Xml)
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namespace System.Xml
    // Specifies how entities are handled in XmlTextReader and XmlValidatingReader.
    public enum EntityHandling
        // Expand all entities. This is the default in XmlValidatingReader. No nodes with NodeType EntityReference will be returned. 
        // The entity text is expanded in place of the entity references.
        ExpandEntities      = 1,
        // Expand character entities only and return general entities as nodes (NodeType=XmlNodeType.EntityReference, Name=the name of the entity).
        // Default in XmlTextReader. You must call ResolveEntity to see what the general entity expands to.
        ExpandCharEntities  = 2,