File: System\Xml\Core\DtdProcessing.cs
Project: ndp\fx\src\Xml\System.Xml.csproj (System.Xml)
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namespace System.Xml {
    // DtdProcessing enumerations speficies how will an XmlReader handle DTDs in the XML document.
    // Prohibit     The XmlReader will throw an exception when it finds a '<!DOCTYPE' markup.
    // Ignore       The DTD will be ignored. Any reference to a general entity in the XML document 
    //              will cause an exception (except for the predefined entities &lt; &gt; &amp; &quot; and &apos;).
    //              The DocumentType node will not be reported.
    // Parse        The DTD will be parsed and fully processed (entities expanded, default attributes added etc.)
    public enum DtdProcessing {