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294return new LeafNode(positions.Add(positions[pos].symbol, positions[pos].particle)); 1223Position p = positions[i]; 1237Position p1 = positions[pos]; 1257Position currentPosition = positions[pos]; 1279LeafRangeNode lrNode = positions[pos].particle as LeafRangeNode; 1298int symbol = positions[pos].symbol; 1301particles[symbol] = positions[pos].particle; 1303else if (particles[symbol] != positions[pos].particle) { 1304throw new UpaException(particles[symbol], positions[pos].particle); 1353if (symbol == positions[pos].symbol) { 1554if (symbol == positions[pos].symbol) { 1556particle = positions[pos].particle; //Between element and wildcard, element will be in earlier pos than wildcard since we add the element nodes to the list of positions first 1606XmlSchemaParticle p = (XmlSchemaParticle)positions[pos].particle; 1608string s = symbols.NameOf(positions[pos].symbol); 1627XmlSchemaParticle p = (XmlSchemaParticle)positions[pos].particle; 1705if (symbol == positions[matchpos].symbol) { 1714if (matched && positions[pos].particle is XmlSchemaElement) { //We found a match in the list, break at that bitset 1782LeafRangeNode lrNode = positions[cPos].particle as LeafRangeNode; //For a position with leaf range node, the particle is the node itself 1829return positions[pos].particle; 1872int symbol = positions[pos].symbol; 1874XmlSchemaParticle p = positions[pos].particle as XmlSchemaParticle; 1876string s = symbols.NameOf(positions[pos].symbol); 1904int symbol = positions[pos].symbol; 1906XmlSchemaParticle p = positions[pos].particle as XmlSchemaParticle;