6 writes to curpos
System.Xml (6)
System\Xml\Schema\ContentValidator.cs (6)
1676rposInfo.curpos = firstpos.Clone(); 1742rposInfo.curpos = followpos[pos]; //Note that we are copying the same counters of the current position to that of the follow position 1798newRPosInfo.curpos = followpos[cPos]; //since max has been reached, Get followposition of range node 1804newRPosInfo.curpos = lrNode.NextIteration; 1810newRPosInfo.curpos = lrNode.NextIteration; //set currentpos to firstpos of node which has the range 1818newRPosInfo.curpos = followpos[cPos];
9 references to curpos
System.Xml (9)
System\Xml\Schema\ContentValidator.cs (9)
1681context.HasMatched = rposInfo.curpos.Get(endMarkerPos); 1703BitSet curpos = rposInfo.curpos; 1736matched = rposInfo.curpos.Get(pos); //Look for the bitset that matches the same position as pos 1772BitSet currentRunningPosition = runningPositions[k].curpos; 1823currentRunningPosition = runningPositions[j].curpos; 1865Debug.Assert(runningPositions[i].curpos != null); 1866expectedPos.Or(runningPositions[i].curpos); 1900Debug.Assert(runningPositions[i].curpos != null); 1901expectedPos.Or(runningPositions[i].curpos);