3 instantiations of NamespaceSymbol
System.Workflow.Activities (3)
Rules\Parser\Parser.cs (2)
688globalNS = new NamespaceSymbol(); 701nsSym = new NamespaceSymbol(namespaces[0], null);
Rules\Parser\Symbol.cs (1)
80ns = new NamespaceSymbol(nsName, this);
20 references to NamespaceSymbol
System.Workflow.Activities (20)
Rules\Parser\Parser.cs (15)
229internal void SetNamespaceCompletions(NamespaceSymbol nsSym) 659Dictionary<string, NamespaceSymbol> rootNamespaces = new Dictionary<string, NamespaceSymbol>(); 661NamespaceSymbol nsSym = null; 663NamespaceSymbol globalNS = null; // In case we encounter a type without a namespace 721NamespaceSymbol existingNS = existingSymbol as NamespaceSymbol; 754Queue<NamespaceSymbol> nsQueue = new Queue<NamespaceSymbol>(); 755foreach (NamespaceSymbol rootNS in rootNamespaces.Values) 766NamespaceSymbol nestedNS = nestedSym as NamespaceSymbol; 778if (existingSymbol is NamespaceSymbol) 2059internal CodeExpression ParseRootNamespaceIdentifier(ParserContext parserContext, NamespaceSymbol nsSym, bool assignIsEquality) 2091nsSym = nestedSym as NamespaceSymbol;
Rules\Parser\Symbol.cs (5)
51internal readonly NamespaceSymbol Parent; 55internal NamespaceSymbol(string name, NamespaceSymbol parent) 72internal NamespaceSymbol AddNamespace(string nsName) 84return ns as NamespaceSymbol; 140for (NamespaceSymbol currentParent = Parent; currentParent != null; currentParent = currentParent.Parent)