1 instantiation of DeviceContext
System.Windows.Forms (1)
misc\GDI\DeviceContext.cs (1)
333return new DeviceContext(hwnd);
39 references to DeviceContext
System.Windows.Forms (39)
misc\GDI\DeviceContext.cs (7)
275public static DeviceContext CreateDC(string driverName, string deviceName, string fileName, HandleRef devMode) 288public static DeviceContext CreateIC(string driverName, string deviceName, string fileName, HandleRef devMode) 301public static DeviceContext FromCompatibleDC(IntPtr hdc) 321public static DeviceContext FromHdc(IntPtr hdc) 331public static DeviceContext FromHwnd( IntPtr hwnd ) 658DeviceContext other = obj as DeviceContext;
misc\GDI\DeviceContext2.cs (2)
225public static DeviceContext ScreenDC 229return DeviceContext.FromHwnd(IntPtr.Zero);
misc\GDI\DeviceContexts.cs (6)
47internal static void AddDeviceContext(DeviceContext dc) { 61DeviceContext dc = sender as DeviceContext; 70internal static void RemoveDeviceContext(DeviceContext dc) { 84DeviceContext dc = activeDeviceContexts[i] as DeviceContext;
misc\GDI\MeasurementDCInfo.cs (1)
34internal static bool IsMeasurementDC(DeviceContext dc)
misc\GDI\WindowsBrush.cs (4)
41private DeviceContext dc; 59public WindowsBrush(DeviceContext dc) 65public WindowsBrush(DeviceContext dc, Color color) 76protected DeviceContext DC {
misc\GDI\WindowsGraphics.cs (11)
54DeviceContext dc; 65public WindowsGraphics( DeviceContext dc ) 82DeviceContext dc = DeviceContext.FromCompatibleDC(IntPtr.Zero); 98DeviceContext dc = DeviceContext.FromCompatibleDC(screenDC); 108DeviceContext dc = DeviceContext.FromHwnd( hWnd ); 122DeviceContext dc = DeviceContext.FromHdc(hDc); 241public DeviceContext DeviceContext
misc\GDI\WindowsPen.cs (6)
46private DeviceContext dc; 64public WindowsPen(DeviceContext dc) : 71public WindowsPen(DeviceContext dc, Color color ) : 78public WindowsPen(DeviceContext dc, WindowsBrush windowsBrush ) : 84public WindowsPen(DeviceContext dc, WindowsPenStyle style, int width, Color color) 96public WindowsPen(DeviceContext dc, WindowsPenStyle style, int width, WindowsBrush windowsBrush )
misc\GDI\WindowsSolidBrush.cs (2)
46public WindowsSolidBrush(DeviceContext dc) : base(dc) 53public WindowsSolidBrush(DeviceContext dc, Color color) : base( dc, color )