1 instantiation of ListViewGroup
System.Windows.Forms (1)
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListViewGroup.cs (1)
471ListViewGroup group = new ListViewGroup(key, headerText);
61 references to ListViewGroup
System.Windows.Forms (61)
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListView.cs (8)
148private ListViewGroup defaultGroup = null; 767internal ListViewGroup DefaultGroup { 3456private NativeMethods.LVGROUP GetLVGROUP(ListViewGroup group) 3697internal void InsertGroupInListView(int index, ListViewGroup group) { 3735private void InsertGroupNative(int index, ListViewGroup group) { 4743internal void RemoveGroupFromListView(ListViewGroup group) { 4758private void RemoveGroupNative(ListViewGroup group) { 5306internal void UpdateGroupNative(ListViewGroup group) {
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListViewGroup.cs (25)
376public ListViewGroup this[int index] { 379return (ListViewGroup)this.List[index]; 394public ListViewGroup this[string key] { 438if (value is ListViewGroup) { 439this[index] = (ListViewGroup)value; 448public int Add(ListViewGroup group) 469public ListViewGroup Add(string key, string headerText) 471ListViewGroup group = new ListViewGroup(key, headerText); 484if (value is ListViewGroup) { 485return Add((ListViewGroup)value); 494public void AddRange(ListViewGroup[] groups) 512private void CheckListViewItems(ListViewGroup group) { 547public bool Contains(ListViewGroup value) { 555if (value is ListViewGroup) { 556return Contains((ListViewGroup)value); 582public int IndexOf(ListViewGroup value) { 589if (value is ListViewGroup) { 590return IndexOf((ListViewGroup)value); 599public void Insert(int index, ListViewGroup group) { 614if (value is ListViewGroup) { 615Insert(index, (ListViewGroup)value); 619private void MoveGroupItems(ListViewGroup group) { 633public void Remove(ListViewGroup group) { 646if (value is ListViewGroup) { 647Remove((ListViewGroup)value);
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListViewGroupConverter.cs (6)
71foreach(ListViewGroup group in item.ListView.Groups) { 100if (destinationType == typeof(InstanceDescriptor) && value is ListViewGroup) { 101ListViewGroup group = (ListViewGroup)value; 106ctor = typeof(ListViewGroup).GetConstructor(new Type[] {typeof(string), typeof(HorizontalAlignment)}); 131foreach (ListViewGroup group in item.ListView.Groups) {
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListViewGroupItemCollection.cs (4)
17private ListViewGroup group; 20public ListViewGroupItemCollection(ListViewGroup group) { 141private void MoveToGroup(ListViewItem item, ListViewGroup newGroup) { 143ListViewGroup oldGroup = item.Group;
winforms\Managed\System\WinForms\ListViewItem.cs (18)
60internal ListViewGroup group; 194public ListViewItem(ListViewGroup group) : this() { 202public ListViewItem(string text, ListViewGroup group) : this(text) { 210public ListViewItem(string text, int imageIndex, ListViewGroup group) : this(text, imageIndex) { 218public ListViewItem(string[] items, ListViewGroup group) : this(items) { 226public ListViewItem(string[] items, int imageIndex, ListViewGroup group) : this(items, imageIndex) { 234public ListViewItem(string[] items, int imageIndex, Color foreColor, Color backColor, Font font, ListViewGroup group) : 243public ListViewItem(ListViewSubItem[] subItems, int imageIndex, ListViewGroup group) : this(subItems, imageIndex) { 303public ListViewItem(string text, string imageKey, ListViewGroup group) : this(text, imageKey) { 311public ListViewItem(string[] items, string imageKey, ListViewGroup group) : this(items, imageKey) { 319public ListViewItem(string[] items, string imageKey, Color foreColor, Color backColor, Font font, ListViewGroup group) : 328public ListViewItem(ListViewSubItem[] subItems, string imageKey, ListViewGroup group) : this(subItems, imageKey) { 492public ListViewGroup Group { 1108ListViewGroup group = this.listView.Groups[this.groupName]; 1204foreach (ListViewGroup lvg in ListView.Groups) { 1288ListViewGroup group = (ListViewGroup) info.GetValue(entry.Name, typeof(ListViewGroup));