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1694 _cloudPath = new GraphicsPath();
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1691 if(_cloudPath == null) 1696 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1689.5f, 1998.6f, 1581.8f, 2009.4f, 1500f, 2098.1f, 1500f, 2204f); 1698 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1500f, 2204f, 1499.9f, 2277.2f, 1539.8f, 2345.1f, 1604.4f, 2382.1f); 1700 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1603.3f, 2379.7f, 1566.6f, 2417.8f, 1546.2f, 2468.1f, 1546.2f, 2520.1f); 1701 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1546.2f, 2520.1f, 1546.2f, 2633.7f, 1641.1f, 2725.7f, 1758.1f, 2725.7f); 1702 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1758.1f, 2725.7f, 1766.3f, 2725.6f, 1774.6f, 2725.2f, 1782.8f, 2724.2f); 1704 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1781.7f, 2725.6f, 1848.5f, 2839.4f, 1972.8f, 2909.7f, 2107.3f, 2909.7f); 1705 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2107.3f, 2909.7f, 2175.4f, 2909.7f, 2242.3f, 2891.6f, 2300.6f, 2857.4f); 1707 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2300f, 2857.6f, 2360.9f, 2946.5f, 2463.3f, 2999.7f, 2572.9f, 2999.7f); 1708 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2572.9f, 2999.7f, 2717.5f, 2999.7f, 2845.2f, 2907.4f, 2887.1f, 2772.5f); 1710 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2887.4f, 2774.3f, 2932.1f, 2801.4f, 2983.6f, 2815.7f, 3036.3f, 2815.7f); 1711 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3036.3f, 2815.7f, 3190.7f, 2815.7f, 3316.3f, 2694.8f, 3317.5f, 2544.8f); 1713 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3317f, 2544.1f, 3479.2f, 2521.5f, 3599.7f, 2386.5f, 3599.7f, 2227.2f); 1714 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3599.7f, 2227.2f, 3599.7f, 2156.7f, 3575.7f, 2088.1f, 3531.6f, 2032.2f); 1716 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3530.9f, 2032f, 3544.7f, 2000.6f, 3551.9f, 1966.7f, 3551.9f, 1932.5f); 1717 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3551.9f, 1932.5f, 3551.9f, 1818.6f, 3473.5f, 1718.8f, 3360.7f, 1688.8f); 1719 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3361.6f, 1688.3f, 3341.4f, 1579.3f, 3243.5f, 1500f, 3129.3f, 1500f); 1720 _cloudPath.AddBezier(3129.3f, 1500f, 3059.8f, 1499.9f, 2994f, 1529.6f, 2949.1f, 1580.9f); 1722 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2949.5f, 1581.3f, 2909.4f, 1530f, 2847f, 1500f, 2780.8f, 1500f); 1723 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2780.8f, 1500f, 2700.4f, 1499.9f, 2626.8f, 1544.2f, 2590.9f, 1614.2f); 1725 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2591.7f, 1617.6f, 2543.2f, 1571.1f, 2477.9f, 1545.1f, 2409.8f, 1545.1f); 1726 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2409.8f, 1545.1f, 2313.9f, 1545.1f, 2225.9f, 1596.6f, 2180.8f, 1679f); 1728 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2180.1f, 1680.7f, 2129.7f, 1652f, 2072.4f, 1636.9f, 2014.1f, 1636.9f); 1729 _cloudPath.AddBezier(2014.1f, 1636.9f, 1832.8f, 1636.9f, 1685.9f, 1779.8f, 1685.9f, 1956f); 1730 _cloudPath.AddBezier(1685.9f, 1956f, 1685.8f, 1970.4f, 1686.9f, 1984.8f, 1688.8f, 1999f); 1732 _cloudPath.CloseAllFigures(); 1778 _cloudBounds = _cloudPath.GetBounds(); 1782 GraphicsPath resultPath = (GraphicsPath)_cloudPath.Clone();