4 instantiations of TreeNode
System.Web (4)
UI\WebControls\TreeNode.cs (1)
1800TreeNode newNode = new TreeNode();
UI\WebControls\TreeNodeCollection.cs (1)
287AddAt(index, new TreeNode());
UI\WebControls\TreeView.cs (2)
978_rootNode = new TreeNode(this, true); 1377return new TreeNode(this, false);
71 references to TreeNode
System.Web (71)
UI\WebControls\TreeNode.cs (9)
31private TreeNode _parent; 346TreeNode parent = _parent; 404public TreeNode Parent { 731internal TreeNode GetParentInternal() { 1554TreeNode node = ChildNodes[i]; 1580foreach (TreeNode child in ChildNodes) { 1675foreach (TreeNode node in ChildNodes) { 1684internal void SetParent(TreeNode parent) { 1800TreeNode newNode = new TreeNode();
UI\WebControls\TreeNodeCollection.cs (25)
11private List<TreeNode> _list; 12private TreeNode _owner; 25public TreeNodeCollection(TreeNode owner) : this(owner, true) { 28internal TreeNodeCollection(TreeNode owner, bool updateParent) { 30_list = new List<TreeNode>(); 65public TreeNode this[int index] { 72public void Add(TreeNode child) { 77public void AddAt(int index, TreeNode child) { 115TreeNode current = owner.SelectedNode; 126foreach (TreeNode node in _list) { 140public void CopyTo(TreeNode[] nodeArray, int index) { 145public bool Contains(TreeNode c) { 149internal TreeNode FindNode(string[] path, int pos) { 156TreeNode node = this[i]; 171public int IndexOf(TreeNode value) { 176public void Remove(TreeNode value) { 189TreeNode node = _list[index]; 203TreeNode current = owner.SelectedNode; 231private static void UnCheckUnSelectRecursive(TreeNode node) { 236TreeNode selectedNode = node.Owner.SelectedNode; 243foreach (TreeNode child in node.ChildNodes) { 252if (!(array is TreeNode[])) { 255_list.CopyTo((TreeNode[])array, index); 410private TreeNode currentElement; 438public TreeNode Current {
UI\WebControls\TreeNodeEventArgs.cs (3)
14private TreeNode _node; 20public TreeNodeEventArgs(TreeNode node) { 28public TreeNode Node {
UI\WebControls\TreeView.cs (34)
103private TreeNode _rootNode; 104private TreeNode _selectedNode; 918foreach (TreeNode node in Nodes) { 974internal TreeNode RootNode { 1034public TreeNode SelectedNode { 1363foreach (TreeNode node in Nodes) { 1376protected virtual internal TreeNode CreateNode() { 1408private void DataBindNode(TreeNode node) { 1451private void DataBindRecursive(TreeNode node, IHierarchicalEnumerable enumerable, bool ignorePopulateOnDemand) { 1651TreeNode newNode = null; 1699TreeNode newNodeParent = newNode.Parent; 1800foreach (TreeNode node in Nodes) { 1809foreach (TreeNode node in nodes) { 1822public TreeNode FindNode(string valuePath) { 1829internal string GetCssClassName(TreeNode node, bool hyperLink) { 1834internal string GetCssClassName(TreeNode node, bool hyperLink, out bool containsClassName) { 2265internal TreeNodeStyle GetStyle(TreeNode node) { 2403private void LoadNodeState(TreeNode node, ref int index, string expandState, IDictionary populatedNodes, int selectedNodeIndex) { 2605TreeNode node = SelectedNode; 2789internal void PopulateNode(TreeNode node) { 2805internal void RaiseTreeNodeCollapsed(TreeNode node) { 2810internal void RaiseTreeNodeExpanded(TreeNode node) { 2853TreeNode node = Nodes[i]; 2921private void SaveNodeState(TreeNode node, ref int index, StringBuilder expandState, bool rendered) { 3044protected void SetNodeDataBound(TreeNode node, bool dataBound) { 3052protected void SetNodeDataItem(TreeNode node, object dataItem) { 3060protected void SetNodeDataPath(TreeNode node, string dataPath) { 3064internal void SetSelectedNode(TreeNode node) { 3152TreeNode node = Nodes.FindNode(nodePath.Split(InternalPathSeparator), 0); 3278TreeNode node = CreateNode(); 3356Dictionary<int, TreeNode> populatedNodes = null; 3366populatedNodes = new Dictionary<int, TreeNode>(Math.Min(logLength, 16)); // don't eagerly allocate the maximum dictionary size 3404TreeNode node = populatedNodes[index]; 3438foreach (TreeNode node in _checkedChangedNodes) {