22 instantiations of DoNotReset
System.Web (22)
HttpContext.cs (17)
67[DoNotReset] 73[DoNotReset] 78[DoNotReset] 80[DoNotReset] 82[DoNotReset] 84[DoNotReset] 88[DoNotReset] 90[DoNotReset] 100[DoNotReset] 128[DoNotReset] 144[DoNotReset] 147[DoNotReset] 163[DoNotReset] 176[DoNotReset] 178[DoNotReset] 1272[DoNotReset] 1323[DoNotReset]
HttpRequest.cs (5)
66[DoNotReset] 70[DoNotReset] 100[DoNotReset] 114[DoNotReset] // we can't reset this field when transitioning to WebSockets because it's our only remaining reference to the response cookies collection 1431[DoNotReset]
1 reference to DoNotReset
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Util\ReflectionUtil.cs (1)
34if (fieldInfo.IsInitOnly || fieldInfo.IsDefined(typeof(DoNotResetAttribute))) {