3 instantiations of Item
System.ServiceModel.Internals (3)
System\Runtime\Collections\ObjectCache.cs (3)
82return new Item(key, value, this.DisposeItemCallback); 123return new Item(key, createdObject, this.DisposeItemCallback); 136Item cacheItem = new Item(key, value, this);
11 references to Item
System.ServiceModel.Internals (11)
System\Runtime\Collections\ObjectCache.cs (11)
25Dictionary<TKey, Item> cacheItems; 41this.cacheItems = new Dictionary<TKey, Item>(comparer); 100Item cacheItem = null; 134Item InternalAdd(TKey key, TValue value) 136Item cacheItem = new Item(key, value, this); 148bool Return(TKey key, Item cacheItem) 212bool ShouldPurgeItem(Item cacheItem, DateTime now) 234void GatherExpiredItems(ref List<KeyValuePair<TKey, Item>> expiredItems, bool calledFromTimer) 251foreach (KeyValuePair<TKey, Item> cacheItem in this.cacheItems) 280List<KeyValuePair<TKey, Item>> itemsToClose = null; 300foreach (Item item in this.cacheItems.Values)