1 instantiation of Cursor
System.Messaging (1)
System\Messaging\MessageQueue.cs (1)
1691return new Cursor(this);
7 references to Cursor
System.Messaging (7)
System\Messaging\MessageQueue.cs (7)
1503public IAsyncResult BeginPeek(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor, PeekAction action, object state, AsyncCallback callback) 1569public IAsyncResult BeginReceive(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor, object state, AsyncCallback callback) 1689public Cursor CreateCursor() 2294public Message Peek(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor, PeekAction action) 2444public Message Receive(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor) 2483public Message Receive(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor, MessageQueueTransaction transaction) 2496public Message Receive(TimeSpan timeout, Cursor cursor, MessageQueueTransactionType transactionType)