4 instantiations of SSPIHandle
System.IdentityModel (4)
System\IdentityModel\SspiSafeHandles.cs (4)
146_handle = new SSPIHandle(); 200SSPIHandle contextHandle = new SSPIHandle(); 481SSPIHandle contextHandle = new SSPIHandle(); 964_handle = new SSPIHandle();
20 references to SSPIHandle
System.IdentityModel (20)
System\IdentityModel\SspiSafeHandles.cs (20)
140internal SSPIHandle _handle; //should be always used as by ref in PINvokes parameters 200SSPIHandle contextHandle = new SSPIHandle(); 393SSPIHandle credentialHandle = inCredentials._handle; 481SSPIHandle contextHandle = new SSPIHandle(); 663SSPIHandle credentialHandle = inCredentials._handle; 886extern static int QuerySecurityContextToken(ref SSPIHandle phContext, [Out] out SafeCloseHandle handle); 892ref SSPIHandle credentialHandle, 900ref SSPIHandle outContextPtr, 910ref SSPIHandle credentialHandle, 915ref SSPIHandle outContextPtr, 926ref SSPIHandle handlePtr 932ref SSPIHandle handlePtr 939ref SSPIHandle contextHandle, 949ref SSPIHandle contextHandle, 959internal SSPIHandle _handle; //should be always used as by ref in PINvokes parameters 1156ref SSPIHandle handlePtr, 1170ref SSPIHandle handlePtr, 1184ref SSPIHandle handlePtr, 1194ref SSPIHandle handlePtr 1342ref SSPIHandle contextHandle,