File: fx\src\data\System\Data\DataRowState.cs
Project: ndp\System.Data.csproj (System.Data)
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namespace System.Data {
    using System;
    // Gets the state of a DataRow object.
    [ Flags ]
    public enum DataRowState {
        // DataViewRowState.None = 00000000;
        // The row has been created but is not part of any DataRowCollection.
        // A DataRow is in this state immediately after it has been created and 
        // before it is added to a collection, or if it has been removed from a collection.
        Detached  = 0x00000001,
        // The row has not changed since AcceptChanges was last called.
        Unchanged = 0x00000002,
        // The row was added to a DataRowCollection, and AcceptChanges has not been called.
        Added     = 0x00000004,
        // The row was deleted using the Delete method of the DataRow.
        Deleted   = 0x00000008,
        // The row was modified and AcceptChanges has not been called.
        Modified  = 0x000000010