File: fx\src\data\Microsoft\SqlServer\Server\ITypedGetters.cs
Project: ndp\System.Data.csproj (System.Data)
// <copyright file="ITypedGetters.cs" company="Microsoft">
//     Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
// </copyright>
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namespace Microsoft.SqlServer.Server {
    using System;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Data.SqlTypes;
    // Interface for strongly-typed value getters
    internal interface ITypedGetters {
        // Null test
        bool IsDBNull( int ordinal );
        // Check what type current sql_variant value is
        SqlDbType GetVariantType( int ordinal );
        // By value accessors  (data copy across the interface boundary implied)
        Boolean GetBoolean( int ordinal );
        Byte GetByte( int ordinal );
        Int64 GetBytes( int ordinal, long fieldOffset, byte[] buffer, int bufferOffset, int length );
        Char GetChar( int ordinal );
        Int64 GetChars( int ordinal, long fieldOffset, char[] buffer, int bufferOffset, int length );
        Int16 GetInt16( int ordinal );
        Int32 GetInt32( int ordinal );
        Int64 GetInt64( int ordinal );
        Single GetFloat( int ordinal );
        Double GetDouble( int ordinal );
        String GetString( int ordinal );
        Decimal GetDecimal( int ordinal );
        DateTime GetDateTime( int ordinal );
        Guid GetGuid( int ordinal );
        SqlBoolean GetSqlBoolean( int ordinal );
        SqlByte GetSqlByte( int ordinal );
        SqlInt16 GetSqlInt16( int ordinal );
        SqlInt32 GetSqlInt32( int ordinal );
        SqlInt64 GetSqlInt64( int ordinal );
        SqlSingle GetSqlSingle( int ordinal );
        SqlDouble GetSqlDouble( int ordinal );
        SqlMoney GetSqlMoney( int ordinal );
        SqlDateTime GetSqlDateTime( int ordinal );
        SqlDecimal GetSqlDecimal( int ordinal );
        SqlString GetSqlString( int ordinal );
        SqlBinary GetSqlBinary( int ordinal );
        SqlGuid GetSqlGuid( int ordinal );
        SqlChars GetSqlChars( int ordinal );
        SqlBytes GetSqlBytes( int ordinal );
        SqlXml GetSqlXml( int ordinal );
        // "By reference" accessors
        //    May hook to buffer.
        //    Semantics guarantee is that as long as the object exposing the accessor is not logically
        //    moved to a new set of values and the overall state (open/closed) isn't changed, it will not 
        //    change the underlying value returned and continue to allow access to it.
        //    Example: GetSqlCharsRef called on an event stream value.  The back-end optimizes by re-using
        //        the buffer wrapped by the returned SqlChars on the next row event, but guarantees that it
        //        won't change the value until the next event is consumed.
        //    Simplest way to guarantee this behavior is to simply call the corresponding by-value accessor.
        SqlBytes GetSqlBytesRef( int ordinal );
        SqlChars GetSqlCharsRef( int ordinal );
        SqlXml GetSqlXmlRef( int ordinal );