2 instantiations of SNIPacket
System.Data (2)
fx\src\data\System\Data\SqlClient\TdsParserSafeHandles.cs (1)
235packet = new SNIPacket(sniHandle);
fx\src\data\System\Data\SqlClient\TdsParserStateObject.cs (1)
3009SNIPacket attnPacket = new SNIPacket(Handle);
15 references to SNIPacket
System.Data (15)
fx\src\data\System\Data\SqlClient\TdsParserSafeHandles.cs (5)
219private Stack<SNIPacket> _packets; 223_packets = new Stack<SNIPacket>(); 226public SNIPacket Take(SNIHandle sniHandle) { 227SNIPacket packet; 240public void Add(SNIPacket packet) {
fx\src\data\System\Data\SqlClient\TdsParserStateObject.cs (10)
94private SNIPacket _sniPacket = null; // Will have to re-vamp this for MARS 95internal SNIPacket _sniAsyncAttnPacket = null; // Packet to use to send Attn 97private Dictionary<IntPtr, SNIPacket> _pendingWritePackets = new Dictionary<IntPtr,SNIPacket>(); // Stores write packets that have been sent to SNI, but have not yet finished writing (i.e. we are waiting for SNI's callback) 2887private Task SNIWritePacket(SNIHandle handle, SNIPacket packet, out UInt32 sniError, bool canAccumulate, bool callerHasConnectionLock) { 3009SNIPacket attnPacket = new SNIPacket(Handle); 3072SNIPacket packet = GetResetWritePacket(); 3122internal SNIPacket GetResetWritePacket() { 3145private IntPtr AddPacketToPendingList(SNIPacket packet) { 3158SNIPacket recoveredPacket;