File: System\Xml\Xsl\Xslt\XslFlags.cs
Project: ndp\fx\src\XmlUtils\System.Data.SqlXml.csproj (System.Data.SqlXml)
// <copyright file="XslFlags.cs" company="Microsoft">
//     Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
// </copyright>
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namespace System.Xml.Xsl {
    internal enum XslFlags {
        None          = 0x0000,
        // XPath types flags. These flags indicate what type the result of the expression may have.
        String        = 0x0001,
        Number        = 0x0002,
        Boolean       = 0x0004,
        Node          = 0x0008,
        Nodeset       = 0x0010,
        Rtf           = 0x0020,
        TypeFilter    = AnyType,
        AnyType       = XslFlags.String | XslFlags.Number | XslFlags.Boolean | XslFlags.Node | XslFlags.Nodeset | XslFlags.Rtf,
        // Focus flags. These flags indicate which of the three focus values (context item, context position,
        // context size) are required for calculation of the expression.
        Current       = 0x0100,
        Position      = 0x0200,
        Last          = 0x0400,
        FocusFilter   = FullFocus,
        FullFocus     = XslFlags.Current | XslFlags.Position | XslFlags.Last,
        // Indicates that the expression contains at least one of xsl:call-template, xsl:apply-templates,
        // xsl:apply-imports, [xsl:]use-attribute-sets. Needed for default values of xsl:param's.
        HasCalls      = 0x1000,
        // Used for xsl:param's only. Indicates that at least one caller does not pass value for this param,
        // so its default value will be used.
        MayBeDefault  = 0x2000,
        // Indicates that expression may produce side effects
        // This flag is on for xsl:message and for calls to extension functions.
        SideEffects   = 0x4000,
        // Indicates that the corresponding graph vertex has been already visited in flag propagation process.
        Stop          = 0x8000,