1 write to _relationships
System.Data.Entity (1)
System\Data\Objects\DataClasses\RelationshipManager.cs (1)
86_relationships = new List<RelatedEnd>();
33 references to _relationships
System.Data.Entity (33)
System\Data\Objects\DataClasses\RelationshipManager.cs (33)
75return _relationships.ToArray(); 84if (null == _relationships) 178if (null != _relationships) 182foreach (RelatedEnd relatedEnd in _relationships) 239Debug.Assert(_relationships != null, "Expected _relationships to be non-null."); 240_relationships.Remove(relatedEnd); 259Debug.Assert(_relationships != null, "Expected _relationships to be non-null."); 260_relationships.Remove(collection); 261_relationships.Add(relatedEnd); 424if (_relationships != null) 427relatedEnd = (from RelatedEnd end in _relationships 554Debug.Assert(_relationships != null, "Expected _relationships to be non-null."); 555_relationships.Remove(relatedEnd); 975_relationships.Add(relatedEnd); 1049get { return _relationships != null; } 1059if (null != _relationships) 1135if (null != _relationships) 1150if (_relationships != null) 1183if (null != _relationships) 1205if (_relationships != null) 1246if (_relationships != null) 1250foreach (RelatedEnd relatedEnd in _relationships) 1371_relationships != null) 1375foreach (RelatedEnd relatedEnd in _relationships) 1413if (null != _relationships) 1417foreach (RelatedEnd end in _relationships) 1504if (null != _relationships) 1527_relationships.Remove(relatedEnd); 1541if (null != _relationships) 1559if (null != _relationships) 1563foreach (RelatedEnd relatedEnd in _relationships) 1577if (this._relationships != null) 1579foreach (var r in this._relationships)