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System.Core (35)
Microsoft\Scripting\Actions\ExpandoClass.cs (6)
113internal int GetValueIndex(string name, bool caseInsensitive, ExpandoObject obj) { 134return ExpandoObject.NoMatch; 149private int GetValueIndexCaseInsensitive(string name, ExpandoObject obj) { 150int caseInsensitiveMatch = ExpandoObject.NoMatch; //the location of the case-insensitive matching member 159if (caseInsensitiveMatch == ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 163return ExpandoObject.AmbiguousMatchFound;
Microsoft\Scripting\Actions\ExpandoObject.cs (29)
81if (index == ExpandoObject.AmbiguousMatchFound) { 86if (index == ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 123if (index == ExpandoObject.AmbiguousMatchFound) { 126if (index == ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 133if (exactMatch != ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 142Debug.Assert(index != ExpandoObject.NoMatch); 179if (index == ExpandoObject.AmbiguousMatchFound) { 183if (index == ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 229return _data[index] == ExpandoObject.Uninitialized; 316private readonly ExpandoObject _expando; 321internal KeyCollection(ExpandoObject expando) { 432private readonly ExpandoObject _expando; 437internal ValueCollection(ExpandoObject expando) { 687public MetaExpando(Expression expression, ExpandoObject value) 808if (val != ExpandoObject.Uninitialized) { 860private ExpandoClass GetClassEnsureIndex(string name, bool caseInsensitive, ExpandoObject obj, out ExpandoClass klass, out int index) { 864if (index == ExpandoObject.AmbiguousMatchFound) { 868if (index == ExpandoObject.NoMatch) { 875Debug.Assert(index != ExpandoObject.NoMatch); 903public new ExpandoObject Value { 905return (ExpandoObject)base.Value; 987this[newClass.Keys.Length - 1] = ExpandoObject.Uninitialized; 995newData[oldLength] = ExpandoObject.Uninitialized; 1041public static bool ExpandoTryGetValue(ExpandoObject expando, object indexClass, int index, string name, bool ignoreCase, out object value) { 1058public static object ExpandoTrySetValue(ExpandoObject expando, object indexClass, int index, object value, string name, bool ignoreCase) { 1073public static bool ExpandoTryDeleteValue(ExpandoObject expando, object indexClass, int index, string name, bool ignoreCase) { 1074return expando.TryDeleteValue(indexClass, index, name, ignoreCase, ExpandoObject.Uninitialized); 1084public static bool ExpandoCheckVersion(ExpandoObject expando, object version) { 1095public static void ExpandoPromoteClass(ExpandoObject expando, object oldClass, object newClass) {