7 references to GetName
System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations (7)
DataAnnotations\CompareAttribute.cs (1)
64return display.GetName();
DataAnnotations\DisplayAttribute.cs (5)
73/// Consumers must use the <see cref="GetName"/> method to retrieve the UI display string. 81/// The <see cref="GetName"/> method will return either the literal, non-localized 198/// <see cref="GetName"/>, <see cref="GetDescription"/>, <see cref="GetPrompt"/>, and <see cref="GetGroupName"/> 316/// If <see cref="ShortName"/> is <c>null</c>, the value from <see cref="GetName"/> will be returned. 326return this._shortName.GetLocalizableValue() ?? this.GetName();
DataAnnotations\ValidationContext.cs (1)
235displayName = displayAttribute.GetName();