File: src\Framework\MS\Internal\AppModel\IContentContainer.cs
Project: wpf\PresentationFramework.csproj (PresentationFramework)
//  Microsoft Avalon
//  Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation, 2001
//  File:            IContentContainer.cs
//    Description:    BindProduct. Abstract representation of the product of a bind
//    History:        04-16-01 - marka - created
using System;
using System.IO;
using MS.Internal.Utility;
namespace MS.Internal.AppModel
    // Interface that's required to be implemented by all classes that
    // can get get called back when a BindProduct become available.
    internal interface IContentContainer
        /// Function that gets called back when the BindProduct becomes
        /// available.
        /// "contentType" - Mime type of bindproduct
        /// "content" - BindProduct that's just been created.
        void OnContentReady(ContentType contentType, Object content, Uri uri, Object navState);
        // Function that gets called each time number of bytes equal to
        // bytesInterval is read
        void OnNavigationProgress(Uri uri, long bytesRead, long maxBytes);
        // Function that gets called when Close() is called on the stream.
        void OnStreamClosed(Uri uri);
    // This is the NavigationStatus for the IContentContainers
    internal enum NavigationStatus
        // Currently idle
        // Currently navigating the navigable item
        // An error occurred during Navigation
        // Root Element hooked up to source window or frame        
        // Navigation was stopped