17 references to IsEmptyOfRealPoints
PresentationCore (17)
Core\CSharp\System\Windows\Media\Animation\Clock.cs (5)
2946(!parentIntervalCollection.IsEmptyOfRealPoints || HasSeekOccuredAfterLastTick)) 3119if (!parentIntervalCollection.IsEmptyOfRealPoints) 3182(!parentIntervalCollection.IsEmptyOfRealPoints && parentIntervalCollection.FirstNodeTime <= currentParentTimePT)); 3324Debug.Assert(parentIntervalCollection.IsEmptyOfRealPoints || parentIntervalCollection.FirstNodeTime <= currentParentTimePT); 3328TimeSpan previousParentTimePT = parentIntervalCollection.IsEmptyOfRealPoints ? currentParentTimePT
Core\CSharp\System\Windows\Media\Animation\TimeIntervalCollection.cs (12)
630else if (this.IsEmptyOfRealPoints || other.IsEmptyOfRealPoints) // Only intersection with an empty TIC is at null points, which case is already handled 688Debug.Assert(!tic1.IsEmptyOfRealPoints); // We shouldn't reach here if either TIC is empty 689Debug.Assert(!tic2.IsEmptyOfRealPoints); 821if (this.IsEmptyOfRealPoints) // We are empty, and have no null point; we have nothing to intersect 825else if (other.IsEmptyOfRealPoints || // We are non-empty, and other is the inverse of empty (e.g. covers all real numbers, so we must intersect), OR... 865if ( IsEmptyOfRealPoints // If we have no real points, no intersection with the PTIC is possible 1042Debug.Assert(!IsEmptyOfRealPoints); // We assume this function is ONLY called when this collection overlaps the postfill zone. So we cannot be empty. 1165Debug.Assert(!IsEmptyOfRealPoints); // We assume this function is ONLY called when this collection overlaps the active zone. So we cannot be empty. 1244Debug.Assert(!IsEmptyOfRealPoints); 1314Debug.Assert(!IsEmptyOfRealPoints); // The entire projection process assumes we are not empty (have an intersection with the active zone). 1618if (IsEmptyOfRealPoints) // We have no points yet, simply create a new collection with those points